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About Us

We moved to Sebastopol from the Palo Alto area in 2007, mainly because we wanted some land to have animals and grow fruits and vegetables.  We started with Pygmy Goats in March 2008.

We would like to thank Carole Coler-Dark at Rose & Thorn in Sebastopol for introducing us to Pygmy Goats and a variety of chickens.  Thank you to Laurie, Sydnie and Sierra Parr of Rock Star Pygmys in Petaluma for breeding and selling us our first goats.  And thanks to Do U Rite Handyman in Sebastopol for the barn, coop and pasture fencing.

Monica and Clark Wilcox

Nibbly Goats

Herd Awards

** Premier Exhibitor **

SPPGA Spring Classic April 7, 2019

** PGCH Nibbly Goats Will **

Fall Frolic, Cottonwood, CA  Nov 7, 2020


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